Stella Bord
In our offer, there are innovative products such as Stella Bord plastic landscape edges (also called garden edges). They are made of high-quality recycled granules PP / PE (free of any heavy metals). This material ensures high quality and durability of the products. Garden edgings, offered at an attractive price, complement, or even constitute an alternative to concrete garden curbs and edges.
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For professionals and DIY enthusiasts

SB series

Stella Bord plastic edgings are characterized by a wide range of applications. The SB series is the perfect application for professionals; durable one-meter sections allow quick shaping of the product into the desired straight lines, arcs and circles. The SB series profile also allows to freely install a drip line, or other kind of wire (e.g. electric one) along the edges. We recommend this series as a strong profile for straight lines.

SE series

A very flexible and minimalist garden palisade made of a special blend of regranulates that gives exceptional flexibility and durability. The product is easy to install and will not be a problem even for amateurs. Often used by florists and garden designers. It is perfect for creating unusual shapes and as a decorative and protective band around trees, shrubs or conifers.

Technical data

TYPE SE45 flexi SE60 flexi SB45 SB60 SB80 SE45 BOX
MATERIAL PP/PE (recycled) PP/PE (recycled) PP/PE (recycled) PP/PE (recycled) PP/PE (recycled) PP/PE (recycled)
HEIGHT 45mm 60mm 45mm 60mm 80mm 45mm
DIMENSIONS 45x800x80 60x800x80 45x1000x80* 60x1000x80* 80x1000x80* 45x800x80
WEIGHT/PC 270g 320g 390g 465g 565g 1500g
PCS / lm 1,3 1,3 1 1 1 4 pcs (3lm)
WALL THICKNESS 4mm 4mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 4mm
COLOUR green, black green, black black black black black, green
Anchor pockets 9 9 11 11 11 9
SPIKE TYPE universal plastic universal plasticl universal plastic, metal universal plastic, metal universal plastic, metal set of 12 universal anchors

*± 1,5%

Landscape edgings application

  • Marking a path, an alley in a park or garden
  • Perimeter drain around a house, square or car park
  • Aesthetic marking around trees, shrubs or conifers
  • Neat finish of a lawn or flower beds; finish for a rolled grass

Edgings arrangements for various types of surfaces

  • Bark, grass, stone, mulch
  • Lawn, turf
  • Aggregate, crushed stone, sand
  • Cobblestones or granite

Landscape edgings installation

  • The edges can be connected by the profiled locks.
  • Firstly, put the edgings on the ground, then profile the shape you want to obtain (also the straight lines).
  • Then, anchor the edges in the ground with plastic fixing spikes (optimally 25 cm long).
  • Edgings can be easily cut in any place.

Advantages of using plastic landscape edges

  • New Possibilities of Shaping the Surface
  • Marking straight lines or other shapes to facilitate lawn mowing
  • Easy and quick installation – no need for heavy-duty tools
  • Alternative to heavy concrete curbs
  • Invisible, aesthetic and practical garden palisade
  • Maintaining the aesthetic view of access roads, parking lots or entry to a property with a grass or gravel surface
  • Perfect complementary equipment for paving grids