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We have been on the market since 2000. With many years of experience, modern technological facilities and reliable customer service, we offer excellent solutions in the field of waste processing and recycled granules production. We offer ecological products with a wide range of applications. Check out our implementations!
Stella Green

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Stella Green

Any kind of filling possible

The filling of the grids can be either a mix of soil and grass, or gravel up to 20mm. The grid’s design prevents gravel migration as well as formation of ruts or puddles. The layer of a grid filled with gravel creates an even and comfortable surface for car and pedestrian traffic.

Durable material

The material used for the paving grids production are granules obtained in the process of recycling of the selected post-industrial polyethylene and polypropylene waste. As a result, the material is not only strong, but also clean and free of any heavy metals. It is also durable and safe for the environment.

Unique design

Installation is quick and easy. Individual panels are connected by the integrated hooks located on the edges of each grid leaving an expansion joint. The design is strong and fully openwork at the same time. Consequently, grass roots can grow perfectly in any direction.


Stella Green paving grids, also known as grass or gravel grids, are designed to strengthen and stabilize the ground while maintaining free water circulation and full plant vegetation. Plastic paving grid is an excellent alternative to paving stones, asphalt or concrete (or openwork concrete slabs) where it is required to maintain a permeable green area. Paving grids are not only an ideal solution for landscaping and reinforcing the slope or any other surfaces. You can use them effectively while filling the grid with decorative aggregate. Then, much less aggregate is used than when reinforcing the surface without the stabilisation grid. And what is the effect? Even area with no mud and no annoying ruts. Stella Green paving grids have been tested by the German TÜV SÜD. The results confirm that they meet the requirements of DIN EN 1072:1985. It is important while designing and constructing fire emergency roads.

Where to apply?

The product can be used for grassy areas, which are also traffic routes (e.g. parking lots, pathways and slopes). This solution is especially recommended for access roads to properties, routes for emergency service, camping sites, agriculture and animal objects, or river banks. The products can also be used for gardening, as well as for occasionally accessed surfaces such as: caravan areas, roads and golf courses. The Stella Green grids are used, among others, for:
  • parking lots
  • lawns
  • driveways
  • open warehouses
  • residential access routes
  • golf courses
  • green leisure areas
  • temporary access routes
  • walkways and cycle paths
  • wheelchair and disabled access
  • accordingly with DIN EN 1072:1985, they can be used for fire emergency routes
  • paddocks and equestrian areas (flexible grids SG4 type)

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Technical data

MATERIAL HDPE/PE (recycled) HDPE/PE (recycled) ML Padd HDPE/PE (recycled)
HEIGHT 39mm ± 1,5 49 mm ± 2 40mm ± 2 40 mm ± 2
DIMENSIONS 468×468 ± 3% 468×468 ± 3% 575x380mm± 3% 575×380 ± 3%
PCS/m2 4,56 4,56 4,57 4,57
WEIGHT/pc 0,990kg± 0,1 1,15kg± 0,1 1,3kg± 0,1 0,990kg± 0,1
WEIGHT kg/m2 4,42kg 5,24kg 5,98kg 4,52kg
WALL THICKNESS 3-5mm 3-6mm 6mm 6mm
LOAD BEARING CAPACITY 400T/m2 400T/m2 500T/m2 400T/m2
AXLE LOAD 140kN 140kN 170kN
Water permeability 96% 96% 85% 96%
Colour* green, black, white green, black black green, black
Number of cells 49 49 54 40
water retention YES
CLASSIFICATION 16/16 wg DIN1072 16/16 wg DIN1072 16/16 wg DIN1072 16/16 wg DIN1072
reinforcement spikes integrated integrated optional optional
APPLICATION soil, stone soil, stone stone, bulk material, soil soil, stone
Fire Access Routes YES YES YES YES
max quantity m2/pallet 57m2 46m2 73m2 73m2

* Please note that when using recycled PP/PE it is difficult to maintain colour consistency across separate deliveries of green pavers. Changes in colour are a natural process, which products made of recycled materials may undergo. These changes do not affect the quality of the product in any way.