Garden palisade (PA27)

With the help of Stella Green decorative palisades, you can effortlessly organise your flower beds, shrubs and trees. The product is suitable for both modern and traditional gardens. Stella Green palisade gives any garden design a fresh new look and a touch of individuality. The product is an excellent and easy-to-install alternative to concrete kerbs, and in contrast to wooden palisades, it is resistant to difficult weather conditions, such as low temperatures and humidity. Stella Green


  • MODULAR DESIGN — allows you to quickly divide off your lawn or paving from the rest of your garden without the need for specialist tools
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY — allows the effortless formation of curves and circles.
  • EASY AND QUICK INSTALLATION — no additional tools are required.
  • VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE — the palisade looks great in any location and setting.

Shape arcs and circles

Create borders and paths

Keep an aesthetic appearance


Assembling the palisade is very easy, as each piece is fitted with sharpened spikes. The simplicity of joining the elements allows for easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the palisade. Assembly requires no additional tools.

Technical data

Dimensions: 15 cm x 27 cm. Each pack contains 10 pcs., which gives a total length of 2,70 linear metres. Available in three colours: brown, terracotta and gray.