Plastic paving grids ( grass grids)


przekrój1. Foundation

Before laying the foundation (A), existing turf and soil should be removed over the area where paving grids will be placed (remove the outermost layer of soil).
Ground (D) has to be removed to approx. 30 – 40 cm .
Once the bed is ready, spread approx. 15 -30 cm thick foundation such as aggregate (gravel/ chipping). Foundation layer thickness can vary depending on the type of application and weight loadings (the more weight loadings, the thicker foundation layer should be). Use a compactor to mechanically thicken the evenly spread gravel.

2. Levelling layer

On the entire surface of the prepared foundation layer spread (B) 100 g/m² geotextile, which additionally reinforces the surface and prevents minor fractions of gravel from top levelling layer, from moving (C) to foundation layer along with water.
After that, pour a levelling layer such as sand or sand and gravel mix with a granulation of 0,2 – 5 mm. After thickening and levelling the layer should have approx. 5 cm.

3. Laying STELLA GREEN paving grids

While having correctly prepared layers, lay Stella Green paving grids. Installation of grid is very easy and quick. Each grid is equipped with latches on the bottom side of two edges (latches) which allows connecting them with each other. Each grid has also 4 stabilising anchoring pins on the bottom sides, which are pushed to the ground. Stella Green paving grid can be cut to shape using simple, handy or electric tools.
After laying paving grids on the ground, level the entire pavement using a compactor.
Then, depending on individual preferences, fill the grid with: soil, sand, gravel or decorative aggregate. Pour the filling layer for grass on the entire surface, but not higher than 1 cm above the level of the grid. When all is done, make sure to fertilize and water the area regularly until complete formation of the lawn can be seen.

IMPORTANT: Installation of paving grids should never take place in temperatures lower than 2 degrees Celsius.


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